A Prayer for Humility

Eternal Father,

I confess my arrogance, and ask for humility. As I have sought to know and follow you, I have convinced  myself my knowledge of you is complete and accurate, and have put you in a box accordingly. I confess I have harbored judgments about those who put you in a different box than mine.

As I have grown in wisdom and maturity, I realized you are so much more than the box I put you in. My response was to put you in a new box, and then judge those who have you in the same box I just removed you from. I confess the hurt I have caused others by boxing you and judging them.

The pharisees kept you in a box. Jesus reserved his harshest criticisms for the pharisees. A coffin is a box. Living things don’t belong in boxes.

I cannot hold your complexities and majesty in my finite mind. I surrender my imaginings of you, to the actual you–the you that I can’t control and oftentimes feels paradoxical to me. As best as I am able, I release you from the boxes of my mind’s creation. And I ask you to grant me a response of humility and grace to others who are seeking to know you; open our eyes and our hearts.


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