Shocking Statistic

This morning I read a statistic that shocked me. In Illinois, 93% of the population approves of the stay-at home orders. This includes 75% who strongly approve of the orders. Another 85% approve of the requirements which close most businesses. This is according to a poll from Harvard, Rutgers and Northeastern universities.

Are you as surprised by those poll numbers as I am? 93% of the population approves of the stay-at-home orders! Based on my social media feeds and the news coverage, I would have guessed 40-45% of the population feels the government is overreacting. But just 7% thinks we should be opening things up now. Clearly I have been incorrectly reading the temperature of my fellow Illinoisans. 


We want black or white, either-or solutions. They help give us a sense of control–especially in a situation where we have very little control.

But when it comes to the economy, this open it/keep it closed debate is very nuanced. And there are many unknowns, where we must make educated guesses to fill in the gaps. Keeping things closed saves lives; and it causes great stress and financial harm to many people. Opening things up alleviates some of the financial pain; and it costs lives to do so. Arguments can be made to quickly build herd immunity, and let nature run its course. Arguments can also be made to flatten the curve as much as possible. Valid arguments. And also many options in between those two positions.

The debate to open or close is not a black or white issue.

Dangerous Divisions

By not listening to each other and being willing to consider other perspectives, we cause further division in our country. And we put lives and the economy in danger. (One quick way to determine if you have a posture of seeking to be understood, and to understand others, is to check the language you’re using. If you use names like libtard, Trumpkin, idiot, neckbeard, conspiritard, democrap, etc, that’s a good indication you are sowing discord, and not discourse.)

Can we move toward unity? Can we enter discussions with a willingness to have our mind changed? And while we sort all of this out, can we please wear masks while out in public? I’ll wear one to protect you, and I request that you wear one to protect me.


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